Online Head Shop: Tips for Buying the Best Smoke Pipe


The kind of water pipe you invest in determines what marijuana smoking experience you shall have. You need to avoid going for one that is too cumbersome to handle, has too much drag, or gives off hits that are too harsh. Those tend to spoil the fun you were otherwise aiming for. There are those who think that all water pipes work the same, which is not the case. When you visit an online head shop at https://www.smokerolla.com, you need first to know what differences their water pipes have if you are to buy the best one for your needs.
You need first to decide what your primary use of this pipe shall be. You may be interested in its aesthetic appeal as much as its functional aspects. Or you may want one that does its job without any frills. You may also want one to use alone, or to share with others.
The type of construction material also matters here. If you are using it even on the road, you should consider getting a silicone one. If it is only used at home, then a glass one shall fit the bill. You also need to consider getting one that can be disassembled for easy transportation.
You need to also look at other features that add to the experience. The shape of the mouthpiece, for instance, can affect the smoking experience for some people. You can go for the straight up and down, or for the best ones. The shape of the neck is also getting varied, apart from the straight up and down; there are new twists being added. You can choose as per your preference. The percolators included are also important. These are meant to filter the vapor and give off an increased smoothness to the hit. The smoother the hit you are after, the more important the strength of the percolators become. An ice pinch is another accessory that adds to the experience; it is what enables you to get a super cool hit through the ice present. The pinch helps to hold the ice in place. Make sure to check out this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_indica and know more about cannabis.
You then need to consider the amount of time you will need to clean and maintain the chosen pipe properly. The more the parts and accessories, the more enjoyable the experience may turn out to be. It also means more work cleaning all those components. For easy and fast cleaning, use a basic pipe. If you do not mind the time and effort, you can load up on the accessories. An excellent online head shop at www.smokerolla.com/products/lion-rolling-circus-transparent-big-smoke shall always have in store everything you need for a great smoking experience.